B-Elite Denver will partner with Parisi Colorado

B-Elite Denver is happy to announce that we will partner with Parisi Colorado (parisicolorado.com) to provide speed and agility training to B-Elite players. Players will begin the training program on Monday September 25th, and all B-Elite coaches will attend regular speed training clinics.

Parisi Colorado is part of Parisi Speed School (parisischool.com). Parisi Speed School developed a proven speed and agility training system that focuses on young athletes, ages 7 and up. Similar to B-Elite’s philosophy, all Parisi coaches are going through training and certification to make sure all sessions are following the same protocol that was developed by the Parisi Speed Training System.

Parisi will apply their 20+ years of knowledge in training our very own B-Elite players. We are confident that Parisi Colorado will add an important component to our training regime that can help your child reach their highest level of soccer!

Call us today to sign-up! Also, please contact us if you have any questions or if you need more information. Visit us at our website belitesoccer.com/denver, write to infodenver@belitesoccer.com or CALL 303 668 3817 to learn more.