Balancing Success On and Off the Field!

At B-Elite we believe in the holistic development of our young players. We know that the majority of the kids that we train at B-Elite will not go on to play competitively after high school. Even if your child does go on to play college soccer, the likelihood of moving on to professional sports beyond the age of 22-26 is quite small. This means that these young players in their formative years need to learn many valuable lessons in order to become functioning members of society either upon graduating B-Elite or shortly after. B-Elite is here to support our families with this process.

B-Elite is here to provide support and assist in implementing positive habits to the young kids in our communities: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically, we encourage regular physical activity that we hope will carry on throughout their lives, and challenge kids to constantly improve their motor skills and coordination. Mentally, we work on soccer IQ and improved decision-making. In addition to physically increasing muscles and muscle memory, we also teach them analytical skills that they can apply to other parts of their life. Lastly, is the emotional aspect of our program. We understand that the main reason kids continue playing is that they are having fun. In addition to making sure our program is fun, they will also gain life-skills like confidence, teamwork, persistence, handling disappointments, working hard, etc.

We take pride in the holistic development of young players and want sports to be a positive aspect of their life. We hope their teammates are positive influences, our coaches’ positive role-models, and our training a positive experience. If your child is struggling in any aspect such as physical (nutrition), mental (grades at school), emotional (confidence), please reach out to us and we can look for ways to helping our young players in all aspects of their life.