DA and ECNL – Important?

Families wonder about the importance of DA and ECNL and their influence on future opportunities. The truth is that talent in the US is a bit diluted due to the fact that the DA and ECNL are very expensive and exclusive. Therefore, not all of the best kids or best teams are in these programs. College coaches have mentioned that they are confused about the tournaments, leagues, and where to go to look for players. Through our aforementioned programs, B-Elite aims to build on a network of college and professional coaches to find opportunities for our players.

The bottom line is that B-Elite will continue to grow young players’ skills and soccer IQ better than almost any other club in the US. As we’ve seen in the past, organizations such as id2 and ODP have identified top talent in our B-Elite players. B-Elite has tried and will continue to try to gain admittance to ECNL and DA, but we are confident and have proven that even without these designations our kids will be noticed and can achieve their goals.

I will not argue that ECNL and DA designations will increase exposure (albeit marginally). However, all that is required from our kids is to continue to improve every day on the field, and put in the work off the field to make their dreams a reality. Finding these opportunities is like finding a job. There is plenty of research, homework, and communication required before finding the best fit. B-Elite is committed to helping kids understand and reach their potential by working with each player individually and connecting them to appropriate opportunities.