Desert Conference

B-Elite Soccer is the best environment to live and learn true soccer thanks to the best training methodology used by the top teams in the city of Barcelona.

TheSoccerXperience 2020 has started!

TheSoccerXperience is an essential component of B-Elite Soccer. At B-Elite, we believe it is very important for overall player development. TheSoccerXperience in Europe not only exposes our players to a high level of youth soccer, but they’ll also have a blast doing it!

In 2020, we are offering experiences at Manchester City’s Academy, or in our Camps in Spain. Our players, of all skill levels, will have a better understanding of essential soccer concepts in high-quality environments and/or with the top-quality competition. Some of our team experiences will give players the opportunity to participate in the most prestigious tournaments, and they could train with some of the best academy teams in Europe. We also offer less competitive options geared towards the more leisure travelers/teams. Lastly, our players have the option of individual and specific customized training with Barcelona teams where the player can train some elite players in the area. These experiences, regardless of level, add an immense amount of value in developing a holistic player, a B-Elite player.

Nov. 1-3, 2019 St. Louis Scott Gallagher Girls Fall Classic & College Showcase

Our 05’G A, 05’G B and 03/04’G competed in the 2019 St. Louis Scott Gallagher Girls Fall Classic & College Showcase in St. Louis in early November. Their participation alongside top teams from across the US was a great experience from a personal standpoint as well as from a soccer standpoint.

This was our first out-of-state competition for these three teams and all of our players worked really hard and represented B-Elite’s style of play exceptionally well in every game.  Congratulations ladies!

Desert Conference

This following November 22nd-14th 3 of our Teams will represent B-Elite Denver at Desert Conference at Phoenix:

  • 08′ Boys
  • 07′ Boys
  • 04′ Boys

For our 08′ and 07′ is the 2nd event of the Season, after the one in September at Salt Lake City. Our 04′ will start that competition after the High School Season.

From B-Elite we understand the challenge is part of the improvement of our players after their daily work at Training Sessions.

We are so glad our Academy is having recognition outside Colorado.

December Schedule

The calendar of training sessions is the same for December.

Remaining November and December Tournaments are as follows:

  • November 22-24 – Phoenix, AZ
    Desert Conference – 3 teams: 2004Boys, 2008B A, 2007B A
  • November 22-24 – Dallas, TX
    Dallas Texans Fall Festival – 1 team: 2005B B
  • Dec 7-8 – Westminster, CO
    Westminster Showcase – 2 teams: 2005G A, 03/04B A
  • December 20-22 – Bradenton, FL
    IMG Cup Boys Invitational – 2 teams: 2005BA and 03/04B A

Best of luck to all of our teams!