Girls Soccer Days (2007-2013) Free Player Assessment in Colorado Springs

B-Elite Soccer Academy knows that participation in sports for young kids is very important for health, relationship-building, and self-esteem. We know that sport drop-out rates for young girls are higher than boys, so we are focusing exclusively on the girls in our community with our event called “Girls Soccer Days”.

We want to encourage girls, ages 2007-2013, to come out to one of our three 90-minute sessions where we will work hard, have fun, and learn new skills. Our Girls Soccer Day will be held on Sunday, either April 25th, May 2nd, or May 16th, from 2 pm to 3.30 pm at Boddington Park, 2050 Wood Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, and is open to all girls from any club or any school.

Our B-Elite coaching staff, led by Fran Escalzo (UEFO PRO licensed, Technical Director of B-Elite Colorado Springs) will be providing a FREE personalized assessment for each player, evaluating each of the following areas:

Technical Ability (dribbling, passing, ball control);
Tactical Comprehension (decision making, speed of play, positioning);
Psychological Attributes (attitude, focus, coachability).

Contact Fran Escalzo for more information:
(720) 492-9487

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    B-Elite Soccer Academy uses a Barcelona-style soccer methodology to provide a holistic environment for young players to develop skills that will help them grow on and off the field.

    Barcelona Methodology

    B-Elite Soccer is the best environment to live and learn true soccer thanks to the best training methodology used by the top teams in the city of Barcelona.

    Our first academy was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2015 by two experienced FC Barcelona Academy Directors with the goal of delivering the best soccer training experience in the USA. In 2016, B-Elite Soccer opened new academies in Colorado Springs, Dallas, Houston and Broward County. In 2017 opened San Antonio, with more locations across the US to come.

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