Opportunities from B-Elite and The Importance of DA/ECNL?

B-Elite Soccer is the best environment to live and learn true soccer thanks to the best training methodology used by the top teams in the city of Barcelona.

Opportunities from B-Elite and The Importance of DA/ECNL?

In this month’s newsletter, we want to discuss some exciting news about opportunities beyond B-Elite. B-Elite is working towards giving our players the proper training and feedback so they can reach their maximum potential. So, as our players work hard to improve every day, B-Elite is also working hard to open doors for our student-athletes. Some of the opportunities that we want to provide are beyond club soccer include:

  1. University/College Teams and Scholarships;
  2. Domestic Semi-Professional or Professional;
  3. European Semi-Professional or Professional;

Although all three of these opportunities are important, our biggest leaps this month are in the University and European opportunities. B-Elite has recently entered two important partnerships, the first is with SportsRecruits and the second is with Manchester City.

Sports Recruits is a software platform designed to help you manage your recruiting process! SportsRecruits is the first official corporate effort by B-Elite to provide nation-wide college assistance for our athletes. In short, this tool will help our young players find a college that may be a good fit (athletically and academically); they will be able to create a profile with academic and athletic information and videos; and they will be able to safely and easily communicate with coaches at their desired universities across the US so they can watch them play.

Our agreement with Manchester City is part of our “TheSoccerXperience” program that provides international opportunities and exposure for our players with professional and semi-professional clubs abroad. So, in addition to our relationships with FC Barcelona and some other clubs in Spain, we have also signed an agreement for sending our young players and teams to participate in camps, special sessions, tours, and other exciting events with Manchester City. Please stay tuned for additional details that will be rolled out in the next couple of months.

Again 3 B-Elite teams participating in Desert Conference

We are happy to announce that B-Elite has once again three teams competing in the Desert Conference this year: 07B A and 04B A  are returning while 08B A are newly qualified!

This is a tremendous achievement for our young club, and we want to congratulate all of the hard work and progress from our players.

NLSS, Tiki-Taka Tikes, and Total Goalie 360 started in September

The unique and highly specialized NLSS (Next Level Soccer Series), Tiki-Taka Tikes (Soccer from Spain for our youngest players), and Total Goalie 360 (Where Goalkeepers are made) programs have started in September.

September and October Practices Schedule for B-Elite Denver

7v7 Teams

  • 2010 & 2011 Boys & Girls:  Tues/Fri – 5:30-7pm

9v9 Teams

  • 2009 & 2008 Boys & Girls:  Mon/Wed/Thur – 5:30-7pm

11v11 Teams

  • 2007 Boys:  Mon/Wed/Thur – 7-8:30pm
  • 2007 Girls:  Tues/Wed/Fri – 7-8:30pm
  • 2006 Boys:  Mon/Tues/Thur – 7-8:30pm
  • 2006 Girls:  Tues/Thur/Fri – 7-8:30pm
  • 2005 Girls:  Tues/Thur/Fri – 7-8:30pm

2005 Boys:

  • Wed 7-8:30pm – for ALL 05 Boys – HS and 8th grade
  • Friday7-8:30pm – only for those 05 not playing playing HS soccer
  • Sunday 5-6:30pm – for ALL 05 Boys – HS and 8th grade

2004 Girls:

  • Mon/Wed/Thur – 7-8:30pm

2004-2003 Boys:

  • Wed 8-9:30pm (for ALL 03/04 Boys)
  • Friday 8-9:30pm (only for those 03/04 not playing HS soccer)
  • Sunday 5-6:30pm (for ALL 03/04 Boys)

B-Elite Denver Tournaments

Colorado State Cup Teams

  • B-Elite DEN 08B A – advanced to Semi-Finals (date TBD)
  • B-Elite DEN 06B A
  • B-Elite DEN 08G

Colorado Presidents Cup Teams

  • B-Elite DEN 08B B
  • B-Elite DEN 06B B
  • B-Elite DEN 05G A

Colorado Centennial Cup Teams

  • B-Elite DEN 06G
  • B-Elite DEN 05G B – won, qualifying, advanced to the Final (date TBD)
  • B-Elite DEN 03/04G