Opportunity to train with a world-class youth GK coach!

Opportunity to train with a world-class youth GK coach! Carles Gil, former Director of Goalkeeping at FC Barcelona’s youth academy wants you to join us at Total Goalie 360, a comprehensive new goalkeeping academy in Denver and CO Springs.

We are preparing for the new season and are looking for high-quality goalies, BOYS AND GIRLS, who are looking to learn our proven methodologies from elite clubs in Spain in order to take their game to the next level.

Given that Coach Carles will be physically present at every session and personally training each player, tryouts are highly selective and spots are limited.

  • *Currently there are 3 spots available for each birth year 1999-2011*

Total Goalie 360 sessions are available to B-Elite Soccer goalkeepers as well as goalkeepers from other clubs who are looking to perfect their goalkeeping abilities.

For just $28/hr (or $24/hr for B-Elite goalies) you will have the opportunity to personally train with a world-class GK coach! Our sessions are 90 minutes and you have the option of training once or twice a week on a monthly basis.

For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact Carles Gil at totalgoalie360@belitesoccer.com or 720.352.8063.