B-Elite Recreation

Program Description

B-Elite’s Recreation program is open to all children 2-8 years old. It is an advanced introduction to the joys of soccer and uses fun based training activities that focus on the mental, emotional, and physical development of every player by applying a unique soccer training methodology from Spain that lends itself to a safe, positive, competitive, and fun experience.

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What Will You Learn

  • Agility, balance and coordination;
  • Physical awareness;
  • Movement patterns and sequences;
  • Spatial awareness;
  • Social skills;
  • Teamwork, camaraderie, respect and leadership;
  • Listening skills.
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Our Coaches

The program has been created by professional coaches and educators who have extensive experience in designing child-centered learning and training programs. All sessions are lead by academy-level players and parents who are trained on how to lead, encourage, and create confident, creative learners.

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Program Structure

B-Elite’s Recreation program is the ideal entry point into soccer and team sports for your player. Our program is specifically designed for kids from 2 to 10 years old. The program has been created by professional coaches and educators who have extensive experience in youth centered learning and development.

Our coaches receive training on the content and approach in leading young players in grades preschool and kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

The recreation program is all about FUN and CONNECTION. Wherever your child is in his or her development we have a place for them at B-Elite.


  • 1 training per week;
  • 2 games per week.


  • Programming runs twice a year for 8 weeks;
  • Spring and Fall seasons run for 8 weeks.

Winter Season

Spring Season

Summer Season

Fall Season

Jan 12 – Feb 16 Mar 15 – May 17 Jun 7 – Aug 2 Sept 13 – Nov 1
*Dates are subject to change. Please contact us or click to register for more details.


Fall Season

Winter Season

Spring Season

Block Initial Block Introductory Block Development Block
Content Basic Motor Skills Basic/Specific Motor Skills Basic/Specific Motor Skills
Introduction to Specific Motor Skills Reduced Situations Development of Technical Skills


2 – 4 yrs
Birth Year (2019-2017)

5 – 10 yrs
Birth Year (2016-2011)

10 – 18 yrs

Soccer Shots is a proud partner of B-Elite and a National Award Winning Soccer program.
Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching.
B-Elite’s Recreation program is specifically designed to create a wildly fun, engaging, and collaborative atmosphere for all ages. You players will not only have fun but learn the game of soccer while connecting with other friends through collaborative games, activities and sportsmanship. Whatever age, he or she are guaranteed to learn about the game of soccer, team spirit, and most of all have a great silly time making friends. B-Elite Academy Applying the best training methodology used by the top teams in the city of Barcelona.


The jAMBOREE is an end of the season 3 v 3 micro-tournament for all Recreation age groups.


End of the Spring and Fall Seasons.


3v3 Tournament.

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Open Soccer Cup

Colorado States ONLY 4v4 Micro Tournament for U10 Boys and Girls. The loudest, most exciting and energetic soccer tournament in Colorado. For more details, and to register your player/team please visit our Open Soccer Cup page.


Saturday, June 13th, 2020.

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Soccer Shots is a proud partner of B-Elite Academy and a National Award Winning Soccer program for kids from 2-8 yrs old.

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