Tiki-Taka Tikes


Tiki-Taka Tikes is a specific program of B-Elite Soccer from Spain for kids ages U3-U7. We train using the Barcelona Methodology week after week with drills specifically designed for these ages (U3-U7) to stimulate the knowledge, skill, and passion for soccer in a playful environment.

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Barcelona Methodology

B-Elite adapts to the target age groups the best training methodology used by the top teams in the city of Barcelona.

First-class coaching learned from extensive experience among first-class clubs at the European level such as FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol of Barcelona is what is applied in the Tiki-Taka Tikes program. All program participants train and interact with players.

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Fall Season

Winter Season

Spring Season

Block Initial Block Introductory Block Development Block
Content Basic Motor Skills Basic/Specific Motor Skills Basic/Specific Motor Skills
Introduction to Specific Motor Skills Reduced Situations Development of Technical Skills

This program we will help your child:

  • Improve coordination;
  • Practice socialization and cooperative skills;
  • Ignite the passion for soccer;
  • Reinforce values like teamwork, camaraderie, effort, and respect.



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