Total Goalie 360

General Information

At Total Goalie 360 we feel proud to provide all of our goalkeepers the most up to date goalkeeping training methodology, brought directly from the best youth soccer development area in the world, Barcelona.

Johan Cruyff & Pep Guardiola showed us the important role that goalkeepers play on the field in a system where attacking and defending is based on ball possession. This soccer philosophy and style have been recognized around the world due to the huge success that FC Barcelona, the Spanish National team, and other top soccer clubs such as Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid or Sevilla FC, have had in last 25 years. Obviously, the goalie needs to make quality saves, but the ability to use their hands and feet equally is very important. The goalkeeper needs to be the 11th field player as well as key defender of the goal.


Nacho Velázquez

  • 20 years as entrepreneur;
  • 23 years as coach and coach director for soccer teams and clubs in Spain, including FC Barcelona.

Main Qualifications

  • Sports Technician in Soccer (Coaching Title: UEFA “A” & UEFA “B” Licenses);
  • Head Soccer Coach (Coaching Title: UEFA “PRO” License);
  • Holds the National License as a Soccer Coach by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF).

Do you want to become the goalkeeper of the future?

The importance that goalkeepers have in the collective game is based on 3 elements; mastering technical aspects of goalkeeping, game comprehension, and playing with the ball at your feet. Mastering these 3 elements is absolutely essential for any boy or girl that wants to become holistic goalkeeper in the soccer world.

Our main mission is to provide a comprehensive goalkeeping program that allows anyone that is truly ready to work hard to become better than they can even imagine.

It is our commitment to make sure you become the best goalie you can be.