Goalkeeper Training in Denver

Eric Robles

Together with Bob Ebel, Eric is one of the first trainers that began working with TG360 since project inception in november 2016. Our youngest GK Coach, Eric is committed, has high expections, and is a very skilled in connecting with our young goalkeepers. He is passionate about the TG360 project and is gifted in GK Analysis.

Bob Ebel

More than 20 years of soccer experience in colorado. Bob is responsible and professional to the highest extent. He is patient, understanding and is able to easily relate to and empathize with our young goalkeepers.

Sergio Quezada

Sergio is a very competent coach who brings a lot of energy to the field. He also currently plays semi-professionally (Denver Metro FC – UPSL). Sergio has an ability to transfer his passion for goalkeeping to our young players. He is a really hard worker and shows a great deal of commitment.

Team Formation

Our Goalkeeper coaches work together during the week to work out ways to adequately relay key concepts in the sessions. Hard work, knowledge of elite methodologies, and collaboration of ideas are just a few aspects of TG360 that set us apart from other GK Programs.


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Aurora Sports Park

South High School

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3443 S Galena St, Denver, CO 80231