Program Offerings


Total Goalie 360 training is offered in several different programs for kids ages 1999-2011:

  • Total Goalie 360 Academy – Supplemental academy training for all goalkeepers from any club or not currently identified with a club.
  • B-Elite Goalkeeper Club Training – Training for the goalkeepers of B-Elite Soccer Academy Teams.
  • Summer and Winter Camps – TG360 offers Pro and Elite camps, depending on level of play, where our US goalies have the opportunities to train with top youth coaches and players from elite clubs in Spain.
  • War of the Goalies – Summer time always at regis university with 100 keepers all ages.

B-Elite Goalkeeper Training

We do have available openings for goalkeepers on our B-Elite Academy teams! If you are interested in joining a B-Elite Academy Team, please contact me or the technical directors at the respective academy.

Total Goalie 360 Academy

Goalkeeper Camps

Our camps allow us consecutive days to work in a fun yet intense environment with your child. Our unique methodology from top clubs in Spain will be introduced and applied that week. This winter 2019 our camps will be offered on the following days: December 14-15. Tuesdays 5:30 at asp, Wednesday at 8pm – 9pm at asp, Fridays 5:30 at asp, Sundays at 11:30 at Foothills Arena and in Colorado Springs Sundays at Soccerhaus 6pm.

Total Goalie 360 Academy is currently available in Broward, Colorado Springs, Denver and W Houston. Each session is 90 minutes long and you have the option to attend once per week for $180/mo. For B-Elite goalkeepers the price is reduced to once per week for $150/mo.

If you are interested or have any questions about our camps, please contact:

Carles Gil
(720) 352-8063